Learning about Authentic Native American Jewelry and Art

The mission of Turquoise Skies is to help maintain the quality and authenticity of Native American jewelry and art. When collecting Native art, the quality and authenticity of the pieces is a priority.  It is illegal to falsely sell replication Native style art and jewelry as authentic when it is not produced by legitimate Native artists. There are several great organizations out there that help fight fraud, however they can only do so much. We feel that it is a responsibility of the sellers and buyers to help keep the industry clean. By learning about the industry, art, and culture of the Native people we get a better understanding of what is quality and authentic. Turquoise Skies Inc. believes that it is a website’s responsibility to provide a wealth of free information to anyone who wishes to know more about Native art and culture.

Native American Industry Guides

The following is a set of informational resources related to Native art, jewelry and culture including: A jewelry and art buying guide, a guide to the handling and maintenance of authentic native art and jewelry, a visual guide to many of the Native American Tribes, a gemstone guide for precious stones and other natural materials used in making Native jewelry and art, a visual turquoise mine directory, a directory of known Native artist signature hallmarks, a directory of helpful organizations and groups in the Native arts and craft industry and a glossary of relevant terminology.