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Handcrafted jewelry for the modern soul with ancient roots.

Hey, welcome to T.Skies!

These days, it’s too easy to feel
disconnected from the natural flow of
life. When everything is mass produced
and button-ready, we end up feeling
like a part of a big machine.

What does it look like to be grounded
again, and reconnect to our roots?

Out in the spacious desert, the culture of slow craft and the symbols of nature keep us interconnected 

Mathew James | Founder of T.Skies

Matthew James, the T.Skies founder

You’re invited to join our desert family, wherever you are.

Authentic Handcrafted Jewelry | T.Skies Jewelry

When it comes to the jewelry you wear, you have a choice.
The pieces you collect can care for your community and represent your soul.

We take a humanist approach - what is the true cost of this jewelry? Someone who puts their heart and heritage into this jewelry? Or sweat-shop labor and pieces that tarnish easily? 

Your jewelry can ground and connect you instead… through storied symbols and handcrafted quality.

From me and my team to you, A’ho

Mathew James
Founder of T.Skies  

Collaborative Origins 

T.Skies jewelry began as a blog to educate consumers about turquoise stones. Over time the blog incorporated jewelry.  After many interviews with local artists, we opened a physical space where local craftsmen and women could continue learning and practicing their cultural art forms. At first, we sold one-of-a-kind hand made pieces and made a safe place for jewelers to create and sell their wearable art. Over time we created our signature collections, giving our jewelers consistent income while they worked on their own pieces.  5% of the sales of these signature pieces help fund a 501(c)3 non profit that helps local artists and fight the abuse of misappropriation in our industry.  

Southwest Jewelry Artisans | Turquoise Skies Jewelry
T.Skies Potluck | Turquoise Skies Jewelry

Spanish, Mexican, and Indigenous cultures are part of our family, making a rich style for our jewelry and a beautiful community around the T.Skies workshop.

You can still find one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces from local jewelry artists on our Live Shows, or explore our Signature Collections, which are inspired by the blended cultures of the Southwest and handcrafted by our local artists.

We’d love to have you visit out shop or join us for one of our T.Skies Family potluck dinners… with local ethnic food, southwestern potluck dishes, and stories about discovering precious stones.

Meet the T.Skies Family

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Ethical and sustainable jewelry made to last.

Zia Jewelry | T.Skies Jewelry
Stacker Ring Set | T.Skies Jewelry
Gold Drop Earrings | T.Skies Jewelry
Gold Drop Earrings | T.Skies Jewelry
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Located at 8106 Menaul Blvd NE in Albuquerque, New Mexico