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Powerful Jewelry. Made by Hands, Infused with Spirit.

Native American jewelry for sale. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by authentic Native artisans using the highest quality materials found in nature. 

The Turquoise Skies is socially responsible, culture-driven premium handmade authentic Native American shop and community.  We are dedicated to becoming the best public connection to the world of Native culture.  Each piece sold supports the future of our way of life.

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Want a unique look?  Wear something that belongs in a museum.  Every piece is truly one of a kind.

Quality Handmade Jewelry

Be proud to wear something with deeper meaning, something more natural, something better quality.

Every step in the process of making our jewelry is touched by hands and, in a way, infused with the spirit of that artist. Handmade pieces are unique. When you buy something handmade you are supporting a true artist and you are connected through the piece.

Pieces are made with quality materials and natural stones. Everything is ethically sourced and properly represented. No silver plating, no plastic or imitation stones.

Genuine Leather Gift Pouch

Powerful packaging for powerful jewelry. Every item priced at $50 or more is packaged in a genuine leather medicine pouch.

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