Ethically sourced jewelry with southwestern indigenous spirit.

Spirit Stone

Guided by the strength of Mother Earth.

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Made By Hand Infused With Spirit

Our jewelry is more than just an accessory.


Bosque Boho

Effortless, rustic glamour.

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Ethically sourced jewelry with southwestern indigenous spirit, that not only looks good but gives back to the community.

Made by Hand, Infused with Spirit.

We speak through our jewelry.
We dance to the beat of clanking hammers on old cottonwood stumps. The tune of the songs played by our ancestors, passed down from generation to generation. The sound recorded in the patterns we wear on our wrists. Inspired by nature, and an old way of life. Using our hands and soul to make every piece.
We’re honored to have you wear our art.

Shop Artisanal Jewelry

Want a unique look? Check out our artisanal jewelry.  Every piece is wearable art.  Artisans from our Non-Profiit Co-op make each piece by hand.

Supply is extremely limited, we usually only have one of each piece. First come first serve. Jewelry is available temporarily here on the website. Follow the link below.


Photography by Mathew Shepardson, Walker Martin, Frankie Gomez, Tyana Arviso, and Chris Dickinson.