Three Ways to Create a Fashion Style That Turns Heads

The world is out there, waiting for you to step onto the stage. It can feel like a daunting prospect, especially when that stage is the backdrop for the important occasions of your life: a professional encounter, a first impression or the potential of meeting that special person. You need to exude confidence, to step out on that stage knowing you’re putting your best self forward. Dressing for success isn’t as hard as it might seem if you remember a few key elements.

Know yourself:

Understanding what choices to make comes a lot easier when you know what works for you. Your height, body shape and individual features can all tell you what clothing works best to enhance your image. Have great legs? Show them off. Short and curvy? Go for a cute skirt that enhances your figure. Style reflects personality so give the inner you the outfit it needs to shine.

Color your world:

Choosing the right color for you and for the occasion can take you from a background player to front and center. Bold colors make you stand out from the crowd while muted or darker colors have you blending into the background. Reds, purples, or greens will have you turning heads as you walk confidently by.


Adding the finishing touches to your fashion with the right additions takes your style to the next level. A unique piece of elegant jewelry is one of the most effective accessories you can add to your ensemble. It’s even more effective if that piece of jewelry makes an artistic statement.

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