Turquoise Skies; Promoting Native American Jewelers

Turquoise Skies takes its mission to promote Native artists seriously. The company’s stated desire to provide a place where skilled artists can create and sell high-quality handcrafted pieces is reflected in the marketing opportunities it provides to Native artists. For those who choose to sell their work through Turquoise Skies, that can mean a number of important resources are readily available to them.

Marketing can often be the most difficult aspect of promoting and selling one’s art. Finding effective ways to connect with potential customers, along with affording the materials to highlight their work, can become a full-time job on its own. For many artists, whose time is already taken up with honing their craft and creating work to sell while often still holding down an outside job, the need for marketing and business skills can seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

This is where Turquoise Skies can be of the most help. For those artists who choose to sell through the company’s website, there is a veritable goldmine of resources available to them to market their work. For starters, each artist receives free access to the company’s photography and video resources. This means high quality photographs of their pieces and video interviews of them, their background, and their work. Photographs showcase each piece, allowing a buyer to not only read about it but see it. Videos help introduce them on a personal level to potential customers and let people know what they do and how they do it. These videos create name recognition and, hopefully, long-term customers who come back time and again.

Artists working with Turquoise Skies also have the company’s social media available to them. Sales, specialty items and upcoming events can be posted through these sites. In today’s market, online media is often the fastest and most effective way to connect with those who may be interested in an artist’s work.

What’s even better for artists selling through the website is the fact that they receive 70% of the sale price for their work. That’s a far better deal than selling through a gallery. The company keeps 10% and the remaining 20% covers the advertising fees.

Turquoise Skies also offers excellent deals for those artists who choose not to use the company to sell their work. The average price for high quality photos is around $150. Turquoise Skies offers ten proofs (chosen from up to 100 photos) for the low sum of $50. This deal involves an hour of the photographer’s time, during which the photos are taken, then edited for the best results. Following that, the artist may choose the best ten images for their proofs.

For those artists interested in taking their marketing a step further, Turquoise Skies provides a day long session with a model. Though the price is higher, this can be an exceptional way to highlight a particularly important piece. Costs and scheduling information can be found by contacting Turquoise Skies.

The benefits of working with a company that has the interests of Native artists as its highest priority are clear. Better marketing materials, a wide variety of ways to interact with the public, and better prices all combine to offer the best package for the artist. Check out our website at tskies.com to see all we have to offer.