the power of positive thinking!
Years ago, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale promoted “the power of positive thinking”. Turns out he wasn’t far off in his belief that the way we think inside affects our outer lives. In a time like this, where everyone is not only stuck at home far more than usual, but also worried and afraid about the […]
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Celebrate National Relaxation Day
After all the stress, anxiety and fear brought on by Covid, quarantine and business closings, the world could use a bit of relaxation. A day of calm, of chill and of indulging in our favorite hobbies is the right medicine for what ails us now. So it’s a good thing that it’s time for National […]
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Gifting your self new jewelry isn’t selfish, it’s self-care.
The concept of self-care is getting lots of attention these days with everyone feeling the effects of weeks of quarantine. It’s an idea that experts tell us should always be on our agenda. Keeping ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally fit is important to our overall health, especially during tough times. Treating yourself to a special […]
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