the power of positive thinking!

the power of positive thinking!

Years ago, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale promoted “the power of positive thinking”. Turns out he wasn’t far off in his belief that the way we think inside affects our outer lives. In a time like this, where everyone is not only stuck at home far more than usual, but also worried and afraid about the fate of the world, positive thinking offers some important benefits that can help us come through this trying time in much better shape.

According to research, negative thoughts and feelings “program” your brain for certain reactions. Fear and anxiety cause your brain to shut off the trauma of what’s around you. This causes you to believe you have few, if any, options beyond worrying to improve your situation. Feeling this way becomes a vicious circle, as you feel trapped and unable to see your way out of your fear, so you focus only on it. Focusing only on it means you cannot see the possibilities you might have.

Thankfully research has also shown that positive thinking also impacts your brain. Emotions such as love, joy and contentment allow you to see a world of possibilities. Your brain opens to those options and lets you determine which are viable in your situation. In fact, it isn’t simply problems which are solved by the power of positive thinking. Thanks to your mind being open, you build new skills, enhance your self-confidence and bring other useful resources into your life. Positive thinking has the potential to enhance all of your life in a variety of ways.

So how do we leave the negative behind and put more of the positive power into our lives? There are some things that help with that.

  • Daily meditation – Those who develop a practice of meditation find they are in better spiritual, physical and emotional health. Focusing on the positive aids them in focusing on a more healthy life.
  • Speaking/writing positive thoughts – Journaling is an excellent way to reinforce positive beliefs. Writing down encouraging goals and thoughts creates greater impact. And saying positive things out loud, into the Universe, helps cement them in your mind.
  • Playing – Making time every day to relax and have fun helps foster a more positive attitude toward life.

Quarantine has been rough on all of us. It’s also taught us the importance of making the most of your days, particularly when it comes to family and friends. We all want to get through this time and believe that we can emerge better, stronger and happier. The power of positive thinking is a good way to achieve that goal.