Program Your Turquoise for Your Greatest Good

Programming a turquoise stone or other crystal is a metaphysical concept that allows you to focus on a healing crystal’s specific trait. Crystals have multiple healing aspects associated with them, but you can use your intention to concentrate on one specific attribute at a time.

As you may have already read in Turquoise Crystal Healing: More Than Just a Beautiful Stone,” physical ailments that may be assisted by turquoise include rheumatism, gout, infections, inflammations, asthma and other breathing issues. Emotionally, turquoise helps with balance, endurance, self-realization, and self-confidence. Turquoise helps protect against radiation, electromagnetic energy, negative energy, and overall protection in general. Because it is connected with the throat chakra, turquoise is especially helpful with communication. This stone is a good, all-around spiritual healer as well.

To program your turquoise, trust your instincts. In fact, with nearly everything regarding crystals, trust your instincts. Don’t dismiss that little voice in your head, that fleeting thought that crosses your mind. It appeared for a reason, so please don’t discount it. The crystal’s subtle energies most likely initiated that thought or impression, but it will seem like it’s just your own random thought.

One way to program a turquoise or other healing crystal

  • Use your instincts to select your stone. Which crystal caught your eye first? Go with it.
  • Clear the crystal with running water, smoke, moonlight, sunlight, or even your focused intention. (See How to Cleanse Your Turquoise Energetically for more details.)
  • Sit someplace peaceful and comfortable.
  • Hold your crystal in one hand. If desired, you could cup the other hand over it.
  • Take deep, cleansing breaths.
  • *Clear your mind. If you need something to help with this, envision a glowing turquoise blue sky that fills your entire body from the crown of your head down to the tips of your toes. Envision yourself floating while filled with glowing turquoise.
  • If you don’t already know which healing aspect to focus on, mentally “ask” how you could best benefit from this crystal. Whatever thought first comes to you is your answer. (When I did this, communication was the response.)
  • Because crystals have different “specialties” due to their chemical compositions and vibrational energies, I would use a crystal that is already associated with whatever healing traits you desire. Searching online can help if you don’t already know. Clear quartz is a master for being able to be programmed for a huge variety of ailments, situations, or healings; if working with turquoise, I would use it for one of its recognized attributes. Clear quartz could amplify the turquoise’s energies.
  • Focus on your intention; ask or pray for the crystal to help you to achieve it. I would include the phrase, “for my highest good,” and would end with a thank you.
  • See if you can feel any type of humming or vibrating energy in your hands or elsewhere in your body. Not everyone can feel a crystal’s energy, but it’s fun when you can! If you can’t, try it periodically and don’t give up!
  • If you meditate, hold the crystal while you do so.
  • Keep the crystal close to you by wearing it (if jewelry or some other accessory), carrying it in your pocket if a tumbled stone, keeping it by your bed or under your pillow, or whatever works.
  • When you have achieved your intention, cleanse and recharge your crystal. I would also let it rest until your instincts let you know that it is ready to be worn or used again.

Programming deepens your experience with your crystal. Your instincts and intention are part of the process; your crystal completes it.