How to Cleanse Your Turquoise Energetically

Ever feel sluggish and bogged down by other people’s expectations or their negative energies? Turquoise can help protect you energetically, but this stone also periodically needs cleansing of the accumulated energies. As healing stones and crystals help us feel better, an energy exchange occurs. That beloved turquoise can reach a point where it needs some energetic clearing. It is quite easy to do.

First of all, turquoise is mid-range on the Mohs hardness scale, ranking a 5-6 out of 10 (diamonds). Fortunately, cleansing its energies does not scratch or harm the turquoise. Three common options are using smoke, moonlight, or water, each of which is explained below. Choose whichever method feels the most comfortable to you; cleanse your turquoise after using it in a healing session, after wearing or carrying it for a while, or whenever your instincts give you a nudge.

Methods of Cleansing Turquoise

With healing crystals, your intention and your intuition matter the most. If it is your “intention” to cleanse your turquoise, use your intuition to determine which method feels right and which times seem fitting. Listen to that inner voice; it knows!

Smudging a stone in smoke

Smudging with sage, sweetgrass, palo santo wood, cedar, juniper, or other sacred herbs will remove “congested” energies from your turquoise. It doesn’t take long.

*In an abalone shell or any small, fireproof container, light a small amount of sage or other preferred smudging material. A smudging stick may be used instead of loose sage, if desired.

*Blow out the flame right after it gets going.

*Hold your turquoise in the smoke and mentally ask for the stone to be cleansed of all energies not serving the highest good.

*If you have a feather, you may fan it to direct the smoke on to the stone. Set a positive intention with every wave.

*A few passes through the smoke will completely cleanse the turquoise.

NOTE: If you or someone else in the vicinity is allergic to smoke or if you are someplace where smoke is forbidden, then use another method.

Cleaning under the moonlight

Not all moonlight is equal…energetically speaking. The top two moon phases for cleansing your turquoise are during a full moon or during a new moon.

*Set your turquoise stones or jewelry outside at dusk or after dark exposed to the moonlight. As you place it remember to set a positive intension. While you sleep and refresh yourself, your turquoise will cleanse and refresh its energies.

*If you do not feel comfortable leaving your turquoise outside overnight, you may place it by the window. The energy won’t be quite as strong, but it will still be strong enough.

*Moonlight is safe for all stones, whereas sunlight can fade some crystals.

Cleansing with water

Nice, cool water can wash away any unwanted or unnecessary energies.

*Hold your turquoise underneath a stream of cool water from your kitchen or bathroom sink. Even 20-30 seconds is sufficient.

*With the water running, mentally state an intention of cleansing.

*Because turquoise is porous, I would dry it immediately afterwards. Also, if rinsing jewelry, you don’t want the metal to tarnish. If you have a quality handmade jewelry piece we recommend other methods as water can sometime damage the housing. Please see this related article for more information. 

*Placing your turquoise outside in the rain is a natural way to cleanse and refresh your turquoise, but leave it outside for only a few minutes because of the stone’s porous composition.

Sound cleansing

A fourth option, sound, also realigns your turquoise’s vibrations to cleanse its energies. This method cleanses every stone and crystal in the vicinity, so if you have a lot of turquoise, this is an efficient technique. A Tibetan or crystal singing bowl, or a tuning fork can clear absorbed energies. Pictured is a 4096 Hz tuning fork with a wood mallet to strike it.

* Gather your turquoise in room.

*Mentally set a positive intention and use your sound vibration device near the stones.

Additional techniques for cleansing turquoise

Some people prefer to bury their turquoise and other healing crystals in brown rice, flower petals, rock salt, or the earth. I would not use rock salt with turquoise because of its permeable nature, and I personally would not feel comfortable burying it in the ground either. Sage and other cleansing herbs have been made into sprays for spray cleansing.