Our Co-op Supports Local Native American Artists

Beautiful things happen in fall. This year, that’s especially true with Turquoise Skies’ new gallery in Albuquerque! We opened this gallery to fill with beautiful, handcrafted pieces of Native American jewelry and provide local artists in our co-op with more opportunities to sell their work this holiday season.

Surrounded by unique and creative local Native American art, our new gallery will be more than just a shop. Thanks to the unique set-up of our co-op workshop and gallery space, you will be able to search for and purchase your dream piece of jewelry and support local Native American artists. Windows into the co-op workspaces allow for jewelry demonstrations directly from the shopping area! You’ll get the chance to see the incredible detail and hard work which goes into creating handmade jewelry.

How does the Gallery help our Co-Op?

Our gallery will support our ongoing work for local artists and silversmiths. Five percent of all sales will go to our artist’s co-op. Artists involved in the co-op are provided with the supplies and space they need to create their jewelry and begin their small business. These funds will provide a shared pool of money for our artists to use for purchasing supplies or tools and equipment.

In the beginning, the gallery will offer weekend shows that allow artists to bring in their work for sale. Those interested can check our Facebook page for dates and times. Information can also be found on our Instagram feed. At these shows, customers will be able to come in and view the pieces as well as talk with the artists about their process. This creates an opportunity for the artist to engage with and expand their customer base. It also lets customers find the pieces they want and form a continuing relationship with the artist.

In the future, we would like to add other types of art along with jewelry and youth show highlighting young Native artists and their work in the near future. We really encourage artists interested in finding out more about selling their work can get information by contacting Turquoise Skies at 505-508-0773.