Totah Festival Public Invite with Navajo Rug Auction

Total Festival public invite. George Francis invites everyone to the Totah Festival in Farmington New Mexico around the Four Corners. There will be a Pow Wow, a famous yearly authentic Navajo Rug Auction and a other events.

Yes, we do host an event that I’d like to speak about a little bit. It’s called Totah Festival, and the Totah Festival consists of a pow-wow, a rug auction, and artisans, usually around a hundred artisans displaying their product. Anything from jewelry to basket-making to rug weaving. This occurs usually on Labor Day weekend and it includes all of the Four Corners area. We’ve had many artisans come from all over the United States. It’s generally held in our Four Corners region in a city named Farmington; it’s held in the Farmington Civics Center. This year it will be held August 31st and (September) 1st, and it’s only on Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

– George Francis

Totah Festival began in 1988 with the idea of creating a marketplace for Native American artists to share their skills and craftsmanship with the community, visitors and each other. The Festival has grown to more than 100 artist booths, a Contest Pow Wow, renowned Navajo Rug Auction and a variety of Artist Demonstrations. As a Foundation, we not only wish to bring more artists to the forefront, we strive to keep the cost low for our participants in order to enable them to establish their business and to learn how Shows and Festivals are operated.

We thank those artists that have been with us for the past 24 years. They are truly the building blocks of this operation. Without their support and good-will, Totah Festival would not enjoy the success that it has today.

The Artist Advisory Committee has recommended to the Foundation an additional statement to our title, “Artists Helping Artists Keep Culture Alive”. We wish each and every one of you success in your career and we are proud that you chose Totah Festival as one of your annual Festivals.