The Beauty of Silver

Silver has been loved and valued for thousands of years. Those who admire its beauty can be found all over the world. From the earliest days of silver mining, silver’s been treasured as currency and valued as jewelry. Proving to be even more versatile, this popular metal has been used to make mirrors, eating utensils and dental alloys. It’s even been used in film and computers. Today silver remains one of the most popular metals around. 

Silver’s ability to enhance other materials and precious gems is one reason for the high value placed on jewelry created with it. It brings a special attraction to a piece of fine handcrafted jewelry. As the foundation for precious gems or intricate designs, the beauty of silver enhances every part of the piece. Alone, it shines with a luminous glow that reflects the power that made it the choice for kings and rulers. 

Sterling silver is the most popular form of the metal today. To be labeled as sterling silver, the metal must be 92.5% pure silver, with the rest being made up of zinc, copper or nickel. Sterling silver is very durable, a factor in its popularity. 

All silver, however, tends to tarnish, a reaction caused by the interaction of impurities in the metal and the air. Due to this tendency, silver must be cleaned and polished in order to maintain its gleam. With a few simple steps, your piece can retain the beauty you purchased it for. Taking care of your silver jewelry ensures each piece will last for many years.Silver is still mined in many places today, with most of it coming from Mexico and Peru. More effective mining technology and better techniques for refining the metal add to the value of today’s silver. Though the price fluctuates, the popularity of silver remains steady. There’s a good chance it will remain the choice of many for years to come.