Numbers & Symbology: The Spirit Stone Collection

Human history is filled with images and symbols, ordinary things which take on deeper meanings in the context of people’s lives. Numbers are some of those symbols that ground themselves into concepts and beliefs. Take, for example, the number three.

One has only to look at fairy tales to see the power of this number. Three is the perfect amount: three wishes, repeat the chant three times and so on. Humans divide themselves into three parts, body, mind and spirit. We look at the past, present and future. Much of what we do is divided into a beginning, a middle and an end. Three is a powerful way to look at the stages and events of a life.

Math also has its own ideas about the number three. The followers of Pythagoras assigned characteristics to each number. Three, to them, denoted harmony. Others see three as a symbol of completion, of the overcoming of duality into a third, combined form.

Even the Universe has three as the core of some of its most important elements. An atom consists of three building blocks. From these blocks, all types of solid matter form. There are three types of charges within each atom: positive, negative and neutral. And matter exists in three states, as a gas, a liquid or a solid.

Each number has its own power and its own properties. It’s easy to see why the number three gained so many connections in the world around us. And why so many see it as a sign of harmony and completion. In the world of fine jewelry, the combination of three elements, or the placement of three repeating images brings that same feeling of harmony to the pieces it adorns. For this reason, the new Spirit Stone Collection from Turquoise Skies includes three lines as part of its design. Through the addition of this design element, the company hopes each buyer finds harmony and joy in the piece they’ve purchased.

Photography by: Frankie Gomez