Meet Khrissy Enditto Native model from the Navajo Nation

Khrissy Enditto lives in Thoreau, New Mexico, where she grew up. As the mother of two sets of twins, her life is a busy one. In spite of helping with her older children’s schoolwork and keeping up with her youngest twins, who recently turned two, Khrissy expanded her life last year when she began her modeling career. It was a dream that had been coming for a while.

Khrissy recalls doing a bit of theatre in school. Her favorite was the part of Cinderella. Following her graduation from high school, she competed for and won the title of Miss Eastern Navajo in 2010. This experience afforded her the opportunity to create some wonderful memories as she represented the eastern part of the Navajo Nation. Over her time as Miss Eastern Navajo, Khrissy spoke at conventions, participated in parades and talked with students.

One particularly special memory was her involvement in fundraisers for the Christmas season. Through these efforts, she was able to help deliver food and toys to about half of the eastern Navajo Nation. The confidence she gained from these experiences would come in handy later when she followed her dream of modeling.

Khrissy with her fiance and two sets of twins. “Why accept failure when success is free.” – Khrissy Enditto

She has been with her Fiancé Lucas Largo. for 5 years.  Through thick and thin, Lucas has supported Khrissy’s modeling, he helps out with their twins. He’s a very loving and caring guy who only wants the beat for his family.

Khrissy had always admired the pin-up models from earlier eras. Her first modeling job was for Vintage Classic Magazine. She had become acquainted with the magazine’s owner, Tony Martin. The shoot was a good experience and her photo ended up in Casino Entertainment as well as Vintage. At the time, Khrissy was attending college and looking toward a career as a paralegal. The first shoot led to a second for Vintage. Khrissy was then referred to another photographer who was looking for models. Her shoot this time was in Window Rock, another enjoyable experience.

For Khrissy, modeling is something that makes her happy, that makes her smile a lot. As she puts it, “it makes me feel different.” It’s something she looks forward to continuing. She’s already off to a good start. She has some advice for others looking to get into modeling: “I would tell them it doesn’t matter what your size is, or if you’re pretty or not.” What is needed, she says, is the confidence to go for it. She warns others not to let any negativity get them down, encouraging them instead to strive for what they want. Thanks to her own experience, she has a wonderful reminder for those who want to go for it: “dreams really do come true if you push for it.”