Kevin Coriz Demonstrates The Cuttlefish Caste

Did you know you could cast silver jewelry from a simple fishbone?We had the opportunity to film one of our artists at work. Kewa (Santo Domingo) artist Kevin Coriz shows how one can make a silver caste mold using the bone of a cuttlefish.   Watch as Kevin hand carves the bone and shows the entire process in the casting of this beautiful turquoise sterling silver ring.  This ring and any type of jewelry made from this technique are truly one of a kind, this is because the bone can only be used one time. Once used for casting the bone cracks and can’t be used again.

The video is broken down into two parts:

In the first video, Kevin carves out the mold, then pour hot liquid silver into the caste to create the mold for his ring.

In the second video, Kevin cuts, shapes, and bezels the mold so a turquoise stone can be added.

Part I.


Part II.