Indigenous Peoples March 2019

Collective voices get heard. That’s something that’s becoming clearer all the time. For people who feel their voices have not been heard, or respected, it’s an important lesson and a tactical way to ensure attention to the issues within their communities. The Indigenous Peoples March seems to be taking that lesson to heart. Organizers are calling upon leaders, educators, artists and those desiring change to come together and march “to build the collective power of Indigenous Peoples, communities and Nations.”

What are the issues being addressed?

The grassroots effort to bring together Native voices hopes that the sight and sound of Native people gathered together with a common cause will focus attention on the issues facing tribal communities. Issues as diverse as treaty rights, police brutality, social justice, protection of the environment, genocide within indigenous communities and the tragedy of human trafficking are ones the coalition hopes to put in front of the government and demand action on. They also hope coming together to speak out will unite Native communities, making them stronger and more connected in the cause of justice for their people.

How can I participate?

The international march, which looks to bring together indigenous communities from around the world, will take place in Washington, D.C. on January 29, 2019. Marchers will gather in front of the Office of Interior Affairs to express their concerns and hopefully raise the awareness of lawmakers to the needs of indigenous peoples. By uniting Native people to speak collectively, the organizers hope to bring attention and action to the needs of their communities.

Those wishing to participate in or support the Indigenous Peoples March can find more information at There is also a Facebook page to find out more which can be found at  The march hopes to unite Native people living on both traditional lands as well as in urban areas all over the world. It’s an effective way to begin the new year.