IFAM Indigenous Fine Art Market 2014

IFAM 2014 Video Artist Feedback

IFAM, the Indigenous Fine Art Market, began an annual tradition this August at the Santa Fe Railyard in Santa Fe, NM. In this video we interviewed Tailinh Agoyo, the director of Marketing for IFAM, and many other artists. The event was a hit and all the artists seemed very happy to be a part of the inaugural market.

Tailinh Agoyo

Hi, I’m Tailinh Agoyo and I am the director of creative services here at IFAM. There is something very special about this event. Just from how it was formed and how the artists seem to have this investment. It’s a very heart felt event, its not just an art show, its kind of a movement, its very special and it means a lot to all of us.

It was raining this morning and we were all dancing in the grass, DJ element was there and Mike Defi was rapping, it was rally fun it was really great. The weather just didn’t inhibit anybody, everyone is out, there are a lot of people here.

April IFAM was born, I feel great. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to the rest of the show. I have only been down 2 rows of booths I have been so busy, I just cant wait to see myself, all the art work.

Sam Minkler

This show is about appreciating and discovering Native American lands and people. It’s a good chance to interact with people that come from other places like New York, Ohio, California, and try to educate them.

Jonah Hill

The venue first of all is awesome, we are right here at the rail yard, there is a lot of things to do around here. People come here already, I like the way the tents are set up, it’s a really nice open market with a lot of room to move around and really cool variety of art.

Pamela Lujan-Hauer

They organized it very well, I think they had a little bit of experience! I think this is a great location too, it is great for people to come visit because of the trains in a central location, I like it.


Almost everybody who has come by here, customers, have told me how much they love it and that it is so different because the art is so different from the work they see on the plaza. Because a lot of the artists are from areas that are not allowed to be on the plaza including Alaskan people, Canadian people, areas like that so. There is more diversity here, so people have told me. I personally have not had time to talk around. The response to my work has been fabulous, people that come around are just so happy, it feels good. And the artists, the few artists that I have been able to speak to all seem happy too.

Lorenzo Edward Shirley

I did good today, the performances and everything flowed easy. Everything went well especially for something that is being set up for the first time.

Orval C. Joe

Its pretty nice, I appreciate the IFAM here in New Mexico. It brings a lot of artists here, collectors and dealers also with the unique artwork that they have. It wife also said “IFAM this year is absolutely wonderful I am ecstatic for next year.

Kevin Quannie

I like what IFAM is doing and I support the group. Im a product of SWAIA 17 or 18 years ago when they moved to the city of Vargas. Great to be here.