How to Stack Rings

How to Stack Rings

Layering is not just for your outfit—stackable rings are a trend taking jewelry lovers by storm. Ring stacking is an art and a reflection of your style—you can choose bold statement or everyday minimal. The key to achieving the perfect ring stack is to create a cohesive look while mixing metals, textures and styles. We're going to use rings from our Tejedora, SkyWeaver, and Spirit Collection to help you become a ring-stacking master!

Start with a Hero Piece

Start with one hand and pick your statement ring as this will give you the foundation and inspiration for the rest of your ring stack. Feel free to pick a bold style! We like to use our Rebozo Ring as a starting point for our stack.

Layer in Matching Pieces

Select rings that compliment, not compete with, your statement ring. Vary weight and sizes of rings on a single finger to add a little visual texture.  You can stack them directly on top or place them on neighboring fingers. If you choose to wear rings on neighboring fingers, consider a midi ring so that the metals don't touch and scratch each other. 

(*Hint: If you aren't sure which size to get for a midi ring, measure the circumference of your finger with a piece of string and then use our ring sizing guide to select the perfect size for you!)

Mix and Match Metals

An all-silver ring stack is always chic if you're not confident with mixing metals.  If you want the unique look of mixed metals, pick a dominant color and then integrate 2-3 pieces of your second metal color throughout your stack.  Add a vintage glamour with warmer gold shades or create an edgier look with oxidized silver ring for a fun night with friends.

Leave One Finger Bare

Try to leave at least one finger free for balance. Stacking rings on every finger makes the hand feel a bit too busy. Our perfect balance is to choose two fingers for below the knuckle rings and one finger for a midi ring. 

Get Creative With Stones, Shapes and Textures

Keep things interesting by mixing stone, shapes and textures into your stack. Stack a twisted ring on a smooth band ring. Add a bead-adorned or hammered gold ring. Mix in turquoise or pinshell band rings for a bit of color. The possibilities are endless!

Shop Pre-Designed Stacking Rings

If you want to start or build on your ring stacking collection, we have the perfect selection for you!

We designed the Tejedora collection to be effortless, everyday stacking rings that you can mix and match in a style that speaks to you. But any ring from our SkyWeaver or Spirit Collection could be your next favorite stacker!


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