Connecting with Native Artists

Style, taste, whatever word you choose to label it with, we all know what we like. When looking for the right piece of jewelry, we look for what appeals to us, what suits our personality. Finding it is a win. Making that win over and over can be achieved by making a connection with the artist who created the style we like.

Connecting with an artist can be a satisfying interaction for both buyer and creator. Knowing the background of the person whose work you admire offers the chance to see into why they create what they do and how it reflects their own ideas, beliefs and culture. Such information makes the work even more appealing. The connection can also afford the opportunity for custom work. Many artists are open to custom orders suited to individual customers.

Turquoise Skies makes a point of showcasing the artists whose work they market. Through blog posts and videos, they engage potential customers with creators whose work they admire. It’s an important part of the company’s mission. Offering artists a way to find their audience and buyers a way to connect with those whose work they love serves both sides.

The Turquoise Skies Artist Co-op provides a place for Native American artists to create and learn how to market their work. The Co-op offers space, tools and aids with creating marketing material. Preserving the work of Native artists is a priority for the company. That preservation is achieved to a greater degree with market savvy understanding as well as the tools to see their vision come to reality. This program brings artists and customers together in a way that satisfies them both.