Collector and Designer John Beeman Invites you to visit

John Beeman a jewelry artist and long time Native American jewelry collector invites you to visit his shop in Gallup New Mexico where you can come in a meet him and the Native American Silversmiths, Aaron Anderson, Darryl Dean Begay and Lester James.

My name is John Beeman and I have Beeman jewelry design here in al, New Mexico. I have a collection of traditional handmade Native American jewelry which I will be preparing and getting ready to sell in down size. But what I really is I make my own jewelry which is foreman and then I also work with three Native American silversmiths and they will make important pieces and then what I do is I fold those into what I make on my own.  Aaron Anderson who is a Navajo silversmith and then that’s two for carving. Lester James who does in lines also Navajo and Darryl Dean Beegay. So the point is what I am trying to do is work with them so they get fair payment for their product. So they will make pieces for me and I will pay them what they consider their fair price. When I fold those into what I make and sell them with the idea that it is a collaborative piece that is not something that I just sold on my own.

The majority of what I do here is stones of my own but I have found it in the process of working with Native American silversmiths that I do work with, that I am getting –of the evident Native American silversmiths. The special thing about Gallup is when you come to Gallup; it’s filled with Native American artists.  You know it is authentic, you know it is handmade. Often times they will make things especially for you. So if you want to come in and meet the silversmith and talk with him about what you want then he in fact can tailor make an item. Certainly if you don’t have star cap process you can come to view the jewelry design at 211 west coal and they do a wide range of practices so you can get something very delicate and refine for not a lot of money or you can get something quite large and value for more money.

I have collected jewelry for 41 years, Native American jewelry and I have looked all of United States for it and I will say that coming to Gallup its all here its one stop shop and you don’t have to go someplace else. So welcome to my store and look at the samples of the oldest jewelry. We go back to 1910, 1920, 1930 and please come in if you want to see more jewelry. If you want to meet the artist come in you don’t have to buy. When I am selling on my own then you are certainly welcome and I will be happy if you did. But just come on in and say hello.