Apache Blue Turquoise by Darryl Dean Begay

Apache Blue Turquoise is a quality Nevada turquoise mine owned by Silver State Turquoise” Which consists of four of us (Tony, Trenton, Tom, and Danny Otteson). Navajo silversmith Darryl Dean Begay shares with us a few stones from this mine along with a quick example of Morenci Turquoise.

These are rough. Apache blue turquoise it’s so cool because if you look at it closer you can see the silication, you can see the little crystals. This is just a piece of dirt fell off so the providence is you know one hundred percent. This is not Chinese or you know this is all one hundred percent American turquoise and you know I want to put my name on these turquoises because I believe in it you know I know the source I know the artisans you know to check the artisans there was a mind that’s possible and you know they have videos of their them blasting the sites and so forth and so forth but the turquoise that they pulled out is just magnificent and the webbing and everything is so tight and it is incredible. You know I am happy to you know use my use their turquoise in my jury. And then I brought one more that’s a frenzy, turquoise from Arizona and frenzy is really really nice. It’s always been one of my favorite since the beginning and you know it has pyrite it is very sought after as well. This is a very big star of a one hundred percent of frenzy. The patterns in this are really good. The pyrite is just the divided amount and you know frenzy has proven itself over the years and I hope to get my hands on more frenzy soon here. So these are some of the stuff that I want to talk about and it’s good to work with top A materials and that’s how my work and my life’s work that’s how we are known is using high quality stones in our work. So that’s about it so thank you very much.