Adam Fierro’s One Pound Silver Bracelet

Adam Fierro, one of our Santa Clara artists here at Turquoise Skies, shares with us his huge bracelet that weighs a whopping 1lb. Check out this amazing piece of art.


Basically I started with the pueblo. I wanted to see if I could make something 3 dimensional and show some depth into my culture.  I wanted to build a waterfall out of silver. I created a wolf on the rock face. This really shows the depth of the turquoise. This is Cripple Creek Natural Burtis Blue Turquoise that has been hand mined. A few of these stones I mined myself.  I left one cab on it to show how pretty turquoise can be when its cabbed. I thought it would be a cool piece to show people what I am capable of doing! Everything I make needs to be build individually and correctly. I think the hardest part is to build something of this magnitude, be creative, and still look pretty.

Something that inspires me is other Native artists’ inlay work. Inlay is some of the finest work out there. I have to try and keep up with that with my silverwork! TO make a perfect inlay piece it takes years of experience, so I need to use what I have. I grew up working with silver and it’s where I do my best work. SO I need to take it to that same level.

-Adam Fierro