Adam Fierro

Meet Adam Fierro

Meet Adam Fierro, a Native jeweler from Albuquerque New Mexico. Adam is a Mestizo descendant of Spanish, the Santa Clara Pueblo and White Mountain Apache however Adam is not registered and does not claim tribal affiliation.

My name is Adam Fierro, I like to make contemporary style jewelry, something that stands out from the rest. I have a bit of a southwestern flair but a contemporary piece consists of it being unique even to other pieces that I do. Nothing ever stays the same, I can’t even duplicate my jewelry even if I tried. I like to do different kinds of insects, like scorpions, spiders, even lizards or anything that will challenge me in the silver work. It’s great to do something that nobody has ever seen before and difficult to duplicate. Look for one of a kind type jewelry. There are certain styles out there that you see over and over again but finding something that is just as unique as you are as a person, that’s what people should look for in a piece of art!


Buy Jewelry from Adam Fierro

Do you like Adam Fierro’s jewelry? Please check out some of his unique silverwork pieces we have in stock. Please feel free to make an offer on his work.  Every piece of jewelry you see here is made by Adam and we need his approval to sell the piece and accept your offers. Thank you for your

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