The Story Behind the Boundless Silver Earrings

The Story Behind the Boundless Silver Earrings

My mother’s favorite earrings. She’s worn them so often that the plating started wearing, and they’re no longer seemly. They also once belonged to my late grandmother, who passed very suddenly a few years ago.

I’m Kristina, one of the behind-the-scenes gals of T.Skies Jewelry. You might’ve seen my name pop up now and again, answering your questions in our Facebook Inner Circle, and you’ve probably seen my face in several of our weekly product releases. I also happen to look very little like my lovely mother, Karen.

My work with T.Skies has enabled my mum to be an avid collector of T.Skies’ products, even before they’re available to the public, and she of course knew I was involved with the product design team. So when these, her favorite earrings, the earrings that had once belonged to her mother, started to wear… she knew where to go.

They’re really beautiful earrings, delicate and dainty, some of the most comfortable Mum says she’s ever worn. Personally, I hadn’t seen anything like them either, and they’re so cute!

Mum brought me her earrings, one Sunday after church, and asked if T.Skies could make her a new pair, in silver. I couldn’t say no; she’s my mum! I brought her earrings to Olivia, our magnificent Customs and Repairs Jeweler, and asked if she could make them—and if she could make a second pair with turquoise, that we might be able to share with all of you.

That’s where the Boundless Turquoise Earrings were born. They’re born of family, of the infinite bond between mothers and daughters—and it helps that they’re immensely wearable! Mum now has a pair of each, and recommends the same to anyone who wants them: wear the plain silver with colored tops and outfits that don’t need anything dramatic, and wear the turquoise when you need that pop of color that only turquoise can provide.

The Boundless Turquoise Earrings are my new favorite T.Skies earrings, and I hope they provide everyone who wears them with the same loving bond that unites my mum and I.


Kristina Haider

Logistics, Inventory, and Whatever-Else-Needs-Doing Manager