Aaron Anderson

Navajo Silversmith Aaron Anderson Jewelry

Aaron Anderson is a Navajo jewelry silversmith and leader in the Native American art community. Aaron is a third generation artist and specializes in a technique called tufa casting.  Every cast piece is hand carved and completely unique as the tufa blocks can only be used once.  Everything sold by Turquoise Skies comes with the original tufa block that Aaron used in the casting process.

Aaron was born and currently lives in Gallup, New Mexico on the edge of the Navajo reservation. He is very passionate about his work and has no problem sharing his thoughts with the world. His creativity and workmanship speaks for itself and is highly valued among art collectors around and fellow artists around the world. Aaron uses elements from is strong christian faith as well as traditional native american designs. We are very lucky to get the chance to film Aaron, if you would like to see more videos please check out the video section of our blog

Buy Jewelry from Aaron Anderson

Do you like Aaron Anderson’s jewelry? Please check out some of his unique tufa cast pieces we have in stock. every piece of jewelry you see here is made the same way you see Aaron makes the bracelet in the above video. Thank you for your support.

12 Styles of Native American Jewelry

12 Native American Jewelry Styles Native American jewelry is a cultural art form dating as far back as 8800 BC. In Nevada, olivella shell thought to date back to 6000 BC has been found. Bone and antler beads from 7000 BC were discovered in Alabama’s Russell Cave and copper jewelry was traded in 3000 BC […]

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Passion of a Navajo Silversmith, Aaron Anderson

Watch a bracelet be made from start to finish in 7 min. Listen to the passion of a leader in Navajo Jewelry. Aaron Anderson, master silversmith, gives us a glimpse into the spirit of his work. Aaron Anderson: The best advice that I got when I started to do this was from my brother-in-law. His […]

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Casting With Fire! Aaron Anderson

Watch as master Navajo silversmith Aaron Anderson makes a tufa cast sterling silver jewelry bracelet. He molds earth into beauty with fire. Pretty awesome. You can even buy this very bracelet at and others like it made by Anderson right here on our site.

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Aaron Anderson Navajo Name Origin

Aaron Anderson, famous Navajo silversmith tells us about how his family name was name was founded. He also has a a great sense of humor and introduces Lester James a well known inlay jewelry artist.

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Ask for the Rock! Aaron Anderson Master Tufa Caster Navajo Silversmith

Aaron Anderson is a very well known Navajo silversmith from Gallup New Mexico. Aaron is a leader and teacher in his craft, he specializes in Tufa Casting a difficult to master technique. Every piece is completely unique because he only makes one cast at a time as sells the “Rock” tufa stone carving with every […]

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