Walker Martin Turquoise Skies Videographer

Hi, my name is Walker Martin and I’m a videographer, and I for Turquoise Skies and I do all the media for them.

Originally I’m from Gallup NM. I was born in Chinle AZ. When I was about 10 years old we moved to Albuquerque and I went to high school here. I graduated from UNM with a Cinematic Arts major. Since then I’ve been working here at Turquoise Skies.

I wasn’t into videographer; into filmmaking. My grandpa was a photographer and so I guess it evolved from me wanting to become a photographer into a videographer. I prefer to edit. I like shooting but I like editing the most. When I see an edit that looks really good, that looks creative, and it’s something fresh, it makes you feel really good, makes you feel proud about what you did.

I started working here at Turquoise Skies about a year ago now. It seemed like a great fit so I kept going. I met some really cool art and artists and I’ve learned a lot on the way.

You know our mission here is to support native art and native work. We’re trying to foster a presence, build a community, and hopefully create a place where Native Americans feel comfortable and appreciated as what they do as artists.