Turquoise: The Medicine Stone of The Indigenous Native Americans

Turquoise is a stone with a heritage that is as rich and deep as its hue. In some tribes, this stone is heralded as the sky stone. Others may refer to it as the stone of sky and water. This stone has been used by all of the Indigenous Native American tribes due to its powerful properties. Stories of how the turquoise came to be may vary from tribe to tribe. However, one thing remains the same is that this stone is held in high esteem by the Indigenous Native Americans.

Just as there are many different tribes of Indigenous Native American tribes, there are many different ways that this stone is used. One way that the turquoise is used is in sacred medicine bundles. A turquoise medicine bundle is typically made up of sacred items that will help one along in their spiritual path. Medicine bundles are usually created for personal use and some are created for healing of the people. Personal medicine bundles usually contain items that are personal in nature and have been passed down from one’s relatives. Medicine bundles that are created for the healing of the people, usually contain items that are to be used in healing ceremonies, and invoke the four directions. Many medicine bags contain four folds to represent the four directions and the soil from four sacred mountains. The turquoise is deemed by many tribes as the only stone that is worthy of being within the center of these folds. Some medicine bundles are placed inside of one’s medicine pouch. A medicine pouch can be placed around the neck with a string of beads, sometimes those beads being turquoise. Lastly, turquoise is also considered a prayer bead by the Indigenous, and its powers can be enhanced by use of sacred quartz.

Turquoise is also esteemed and used as a stone for healing. Many tribes used the stone to protect themselves from illness. Other medicinal uses included headache relief, and muscle pain relief. It has also been used by Native Americans to aide in sleep, de-stress the body, and relieve anxiety and worry. Turquoise is also used in the practice of laying of hands, also known more commonly today as reiki healing. Before performing ceremony, many Native Americans use this stone to help strengthen their bodies and spirits. Turquoise was and is used by the Indigenous of North America to master the elements (mostly the element of water) as well as protect oneself from them. Many wore this sacred stone to protect themselves from the torrents of thunderstorms. Sacred Medicine Men used them to bring much needed rain to dry lands. It was also used to hold back flood waters from overcoming the land.

This powerful stone is also used for life events such as birth, marriage, and death. In marriage ceremonies, intricate belts that were decorated with turquoise were used. These type of belts were used to give blessing of good fortune to the wedded couple. In death, pieces of turquoise were often buried with the deceased, especially if it was a chief. Besides the aforementioned uses, turquoise was also used by some tribes as form of currency. It was also used in small sculptures, and decorations and for offerings.

Turquoise became a centerpiece for jewelry as to represent the sacred and protective properties of the stone. It also became part of the attire of dancers who performed during ceremony. Turquoise was also worn by girls going through ceremonial initiations. In New Mexico, one intricate piece of Indigenous turquoise jewelry was found. This necklace was found to have over two thousand beads. Outside of its sacred uses, turquoise later became a source of income for the Indigenous Native Americans. It has in turn become used as a focal point for many jewelry designs.

Turquoise jewelry is now available outside of the Indigenous Native American communities for all to wear. It is still a very sacred stone that continues to bear its medicinal and spiritual properties. Wearing the stone in jewelry pieces and other ways allows one’s body to absorb the properties of this sacred stone. Also because the turquoise is a stone that correlates to the throat chakra, it is said to aid in communication. It also aids in mental functions and helps to protect the soul. This stone gives off positive energy as well, which is beneficial to all who wear it.

Turquoise is a beautiful stone that can and should be honored amongst all nations. I hope that this article has helped you find and revel in the beauty and power of turquoise.

Rainbow Eagle Crystal Medicine Woman – Mitakuye Oyasin

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