Transparency is kind of our thing! ✨

Transparency is kind of our thing! ✨

If you are reading this, you believe cultural traditions deserve to be preserved, just like us. 

These days, it’s too easy to feel disconnected from the natural flow of life. When everything is mass-produced and button-ready, we end up feeling like a part of a big machine.

At T.Skies we don’t believe in mindless mass production. Putting love in everything we do is kind of our thing. We are committed to using only ethically sourced materials, engaging only in ethical business practices, and limiting our production to handmade only.

The Nonprofit Co-op 

 The T.Skies Nonprofit Co-Op began as a place for Indigenous artisans to create jewelry with shared tools and access to distribution through the T.Skies Gallery and Live Shows.  The purpose was to make jewelry craft possible again for artists who had been outpriced by inauthentic foreign imports. Now, 5% of all of our Signature Collection sales go to our Nonprofit Co-Op. Your purchase helps steward Southwestern art and culture and fund scholarships for the next generation of jewelry artisans.