The True Beauty of Tortuga Turquoise

Deep inside the Campitos mine in Sonora, Mexico, Tortuga Turquoise is born. Called Tortuga due to their strong resemblance to the magical shell of the tortoise, these drops of turquoise highlight the beauty and wonder of this gemstone. From their creation within the earth to their enhancement of fine jewelry, Tortuga Turquoise brings myth and legend to life.

The Campitos mine has been producing fine turquoise since the 1980s. The stones mined there, not only stand out for their luster and vibrancy, but also for their unique formation. Most turquoise is found embedded in layers of stone and is mined from these veins. In the Campitos mine, however, the turquoise forms in clay rather than stone. This allows for the creation of more free-form shapes. Tortuga variety has become more popular in recent times selling for $2-$3 per carat on the retail market.

The true beauty of Tortuga Turquoise shines through the lines and patterns woven onto the stone. Reminiscent of the shell of a turtle, these patterns bring to mind the long-held mythology of these sea creatures. Turtles are associated with both the earth and the water. Their shells are believed to hold music inside them, and to be the birthplace and home of the Mayan god Pauahtun. 

Revered by many as a tangible symbol of knowledge and wisdom gained through their long lives, turtles are also a sign of strength. There are creation stories that speak of the turtle who holds up the world on its shell, bearing the burden of all life on its back. These pieces of uniquely formed turquoise are a living testament to the strength of their namesake.

The lines in the patterns found on Tortuga Turquoise remind us of the stories and myths of the beloved turtle. As those stories wove together the tapestry of the creation of the world, so these stones weave together the strength of the earth and the enticing lure of the waves. Bringing legend to life, Tortuga Turquoise makes fine jewelry shine with the radiance of earth and water.