T.Skies KITA Scholarship Recipients

T.Skies KITA Scholarship Recipients

We are thrilled to announce that our 2024 KITA Scholarship Recipients have been selected! KITA scholarships are designed to cover costs that other programs often do not, from transportation costs to living expenses to the purchase of tools and textbooks. Applicants complete the application and the recipients are decided upon by members of the T.Skies Artist Co-Op. We welcome Daniel Velasco and Vicki Calabaza into the T.Skies family as they embark on a journey of discovery and artistic growth. 

Meet Vicki Calabaza

"My name is Vicki Calabaza, my tribe is both Navajo from Ojo Encino and Pueblo from Santo Domingo. I am from a family that is mostly made up of jewelers, they live out in Santa Fe so they always sell out on the Plaza every single day for the most part... My dad is the number one person who has heavily influenced me in the arts ever since I can remember. He used to be into bead-making and has made a setup for me to get started on my beadwork journey. Although he rarely does any projects for the time being I hope that soon, he’ll pick it up again. Even though I keep my art hidden from the outside world, others have said that I should be open to displaying my art to sell. So, for that, the entirety of my family has said in the past and to this day that if I allow others to see this creative side of myself to grow and blossom into something that is uniquely me in my own style it could lead to my family, especially my father to get back in the loop of things as well. I’ll be using this money to set a foundation for myself and my family. I want to make art that spreads awareness about the trouble and hardship that goes into creating and selling people's crafts. My community has put their blood, sweat, and tears into making art to share with the world and they still face misrepresentation and challenges. I want to change that system with my art."

Meet Daniel Velasco

"Hello, I am Daniel Joseph Velasco, or better known just as Daniel. I come from the Kewa Santo Domingo Pueblo tribe; our reservation is not in the best of condition as of the last time I visited. I always had an interest in art and jewelry making, ever since I was a wee lad, making bracelets for my mother who has sadly passed on. I would also draw with what limited supplies I had at the time, a pencil and paper that my school gave me. I would use my creative and artistic mind to create something that when you would look at it, would scream “Yeah, That’s Daniel’s art!”. What I would use this generous donation for is of course pursuing my artistic education and some art supplies that would help along the way. I am currently working on my high school diploma, and I haven’t had the opportunity to focus on my art and creativity recently. I hope this scholarship can help me to focus on the art that has meant so much to me in the past. I am very close to getting my high school diploma at Gordon Bernell Charter School. I am glad for the opportunity to go to that amazing school. As my deadline for 18 years of age creeps closer and closer each day, I wish to pursue my education so I can live a decent life."