Spring planting in the pueblo

Spring is coming! Despite all the other distractions, nature is ready to start blooming. And in Santo Domingo Pueblo, the people are already getting prepared for that to happen. With a longstanding tradition of growing most of their own food, families in the village are looking forward to another year of planting and harvesting.

One way to tell that Spring isn’t far away can be found in the ditches that irrigate the village. All the men in the tribe have been out clearing the ditches in preparation. Water is key to the productivity of the gardens. Soon the land will be filled with both seeds and expectations.

Spring is a time of growing for many people. Even in this modern world with grocery stores available everywhere, humans still love to work the land. Each year gardens are planned with meticulous detail, seeds are bought or ordered and the ground is prepared. It’s a sign that life goes on, and this year it’s a welcome one. So what are your Spring traditions?