Our Co-Op is growing!

Our Co-Op is growing! Okay, so the new addition to the Tskies Artist Co-Op won’t be the most verbal member. But the artists are all pretty excited to welcome our new CabKing lapidary machine. What they are most excited about are the changes this new tool will bring to Tskies’ ability to create amazing handcrafted jewelry. As lapidary artist Jessyca Ruth puts it, “this allows us the freedom to create our own cabachon at a high quality cut and polish.”

Our artists look for the highest quality materials to use in the creation of their pieces. It’s important that our customers receive the best. Stones are an important component of the jewelry, adding a natural beauty that comes from the cutting and polishing done to them as well as the beauty within them. An artist sees the finished design they want and uses the materials purchased by the Co-Op to create their vision. 

Purchasing a wide variety of stones has been an ongoing need for the Co-Op. Having the ability to cut their own stones with the CabKing will allow for increased variety of jewelry materials. The machine will also allow the Co-Op to buy higher quality stones in bulk since they can be cut at the gallery. 

It’s exciting to watch the Tskies gallery grow, adding new artists and new ways to create beautiful handcrafted jewelry for our customers. The CabKing lapidary machine will be a welcome addition to the growth of the Co-Op.