Open Yourself to the World of the Turquoise

The turquoise stone is very sacred in nature. It is more than just a beautiful adornment that is worn by the Indigenous. Oh it is much more, it is a form of medicine, healing, protection, and divinity motion. It communicates to us in its essence as being a member of the stone people family. It also energizes the energy center on our body known as the throat chakra.

The throat chakra is the energy center of communication. The color associated with this chakra is blue, and as we know blue is also the color of the sacred turquoise stone. Turquoise also reminds me of the blue of our sacred waters, which flow, as our communication should. An open throat chakra allows one to communicate with the seen and unseen ones. From the two leggeds (humans), the four leggeds (animals), to the star nations, cloud people and all other beings. The turquoise stone allows the saying “all of my relations” to be fulfilled. The turquoise stone allows us to be receptive to the messages within itself and the stone nation. The stone nation carries information from beyond our time, from the beginning, from time beyond time. The stones carry the voice of our creator, and help us to remember our star origins.

Remembering our home in the stars, is essential for us to be in tune with all that is. Home as they say is where the heart is. How can we be with love, if we are disconnected from home? How can we function properly or receive the love from our star people family members, if we have been closed off? This is why our stone family member…in form of the turquoise is held in great reverence. Working with this stone in sacred manner especially in ceremony bridges heaven and earth through the throat center. Wearing the turquoise on one’s body, especially around the throat chakra in the form of a necklace or pendant makes sure the energy remains flowing. It also reopens the throat center, in case the energy within has become stagnant. Once the energy flows again, and remains in flow, new worlds will open up. We may begin to receive new knowledge from the turquoise to which we were blocked off from before. We also may begin to channel communications from our star people and other relations. These messages may be of great importance to us as individuals, family, nation and tribe. These communications may be of saving grace to us due to information contained within. These star communications along with communications with other of our relations may also have information that are vital to our own individual path. Many communications may also come through in one’s dreamtime. A journal should be kept so that visions, dreams, and experiences may be recorded.

If one ever experiences negative emotion while wearing their sacred turquoise stone, they should remove it, and energetically cleanse it. This can be done via sacred white sage, sweet grass, cedar or copal incense. This helps to remove the energetic imprint of the negative emotion, so that it is not amplified or energetically recreated.

Outside of jewelry, one can have turquoise stones in their meditation room, or bedrooms. The energy of the turquoise will pulsate and communicate their frequencies within the room. When in meditation or sleep state, one may be more receptive to the stone’s communications. One may also wear the turquoise within their personal medicine bags, which is also healing.

There is much to be learned from the turquoise. Open your heart, mind and eyes to the beauty contained within the markings and heart of this sacred stone! Aho!