Meet the Artist: Amber Morningstar Byars Choctaw Sculpture

Amber Morningstar Byars is a Native artist from the Choctaw tribe.
She is a second generation sculpture inspired by her father, master artist, Kelly Byars. This is an introduction video to Amber and her art.

Amber Morningstar Byars, Daughter of Kelly Nitushi Byars Choctaw Stone Sculptors

My name is Amber Morningstar Byars and I’m a Choctaw stone sculptor. When I was born there was one star out of the hospital room, so my father got inspiration from that and named me Morningstar.
I’ve been doing (sculptures) on and off since I was a kid. My parents separated when I was 4, and my visitation days with my father were always in the studio. The majority of the time I was given a piece of sandpaper and a little piece of stone and they put me to work. I loved it. It was fun splashing around in the water, wet sanding.  I loved it, but I really didn’t know I could make a living out of it until probably about 3 years ago. It’s only been 2 years that I’ve been doing it every day, trying to make a career out of it.

So your father is an artist as well?
Yeah, he’s a master sculptor. His name is Kelly Nitushi Byars. He’s full blooded Choctaw from Sulfur, Oklahoma. He’s a master at it, he’s incredible. He gives me a lot of inspiration, help, guidance… I don’t really know that I could do it without it. I can, and I will have to one day, it’s just really amazing and I’m fortunate to have such an amazing instructor and guide and mentor.