Meet Ryan Singer a Contemporary Navajo Artist

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing local artist Ryan Singer. Ryan has been painting for most of his life. Watch the video below to see what he is all about.

I’m Ryan singer, I’m a Dine artist, Navajo artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’m originally from Tuba City, AZ. My clan is Bitter Water born for Towering House clan. And my grandpas clan is Manygoats and my dad’s dad’s clan is the Salt Clan. I’ve always been into art, always been into Sci-Fi, I’ve always been into music, and i’ve always blended everything together.  Through that I tell my own stories about myself and my experiences. I like using all these influences and moving forward with my own style. Thats how I see myself, all I do is look at art, 24/7. Im constantly looking on Instagram Facebook, websites and stuff like that.  Im always looking at innovating and creating with the things I see and fixing them to the stories in my life.

As I’ve gotten older i learned that I have a responsibility to a younger generation in teaching them how to express them self.  You have to challenge yourself. Every time you come up with something you have to try and make it better! Look around at all your peers, look at all the art that came before and all the artists that came before and compare with what is happening now to see where you fit in. See if you want to get better.

When I was a teenager, I was in to punk rock. I was an angry kid, i got into all kinds of stuff but music was therapeutic as well as art. I used art to get over what ever I needed to get over; heart break of feeling isolated. I still use it now., but now its a little more nostalgic. The Ideas in Starwars is like me growing up as a kid. Ideas and stories that I remember I’m making those into paintings. I know that art can heal somebody. You have all kinds of shit going on in your life and you just want to say something. You can use art to say, look this is how I feel.

I enjoy what I do, its not something that is easily done. So I take pride in my work.  If somebody buys a piece that can feel proud to hang it up in their house and I’ll feel good about that myself.