Marion Bouncing Back

Marion Lovato has a good idea of what it’s like to come back from the dead. And she knows that the old adage about healing oneself holds quite a bit of truth. Yet the story of Marion bouncing back from adversity is one that also contains the importance of community and what she describes as the “calm” she finds being part of the Tskies Artist Co-Op.

 It was nearly two years ago that Marion suffered a stroke. It affected her internal organs, her eyes, and her brain. The stroke left her feeling “like I was gone, dead, like I was alive but not living.” Aftereffects included sleep apnea, which she hadn’t suffered from before, and high blood pressure.

Thanks to help from the company she worked for at the time, Marion was able to get the medical aid and equipment she needed right away. Physical, occupational and speech therapy all became part of her new daily regimen. 

As she progressed, she began seeing a physical therapist at the Santo Domingo Clinic. The doctor she saw was also the director of a research program at UNM studying the recoveries of people who had had strokes. Marion participated in the program for two semesters, working with interns at UNM to continue her physical therapy.

Despite all her efforts, however, Marion felt frustrated with her progress. She found the exercises challenging. To keep up with her walking, she and her husband would make a nightly trip to Wal-Mart. Using a cart for balance, she walked the aisles, hoping to get back some of her strength. But the medications prescribed by the doctors made her sleepy, so the walking left her exhausted. The exhaustion sent her into a depression, causing her to sleep most of the day. And on top of the challenges left from the stroke, Marion was diagnosed with cancer. Her body seemed determined to embrace sickness.

Searching for a way to heal her body and pull herself out of her depression, Marion decided to look beyond modern medicine. She began seeing a behavioral health parapsychotherapist, who gave her daily meditations to use. Through hypnotherapy, meditation, reiki, and herbal medicine, Marion began to understand that there was a way to heal her body and it lay within her own mind.

Ongoing affirmations for the well-being of each area of her body helped Marion understand that she could heal herself on a daily basis. Information on the impact of negative thoughts on wellness helped her realize the role such negativity played in keeping her sick. She concentrated on eating well, keeping up with the walking and letting only positive thoughts into her mind. It was a powerful combination for regaining her health.

Today Marion stays committed to the power of positivity. She’s learned that each of us has within ourselves the power to become healthy. Recently she completed training to be a yoga instructor, something that will help her with her goal of aiding others in finding their healing. And she’s finding that being at the Tskies gallery is bringing back the memory of the skills she learned before her stroke. Connecting with her art once again brings her a sense of calm that keeps her in balance. And having her as part of the Co-Op brings a ray of positivity to everyone here. Marion Lovato has bounced back to life with joy.