It’s a simple stone which has been called a warrior, a guardian, a healer. In the lush green hues of malachite, many have seen the energy they need to cleanse and renew their lives, to open themselves up to new and beneficial experiences. This connection with hope and transformation has made this stone a popular addition to jewelry for thousands of years.

Malachite, which forms at shallow depths within the Earth, is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. All malachite is green, with pieces ranging in hue from a soft pastel to a deep green so dark it appears almost black. One of the possible reasons for the fondness of this gemstone in jewelry is that the rich color doesn’t fade when exposed to light, so it remains as vibrant as ever for years.


Other reasons for the popularity of malachite have to do with the reactions the stone creates. Malachite embodies the idea of growth, of renewal, of the ongoing cycle of life itself. People throughout history have embraced the stone as a sign of abundance, of the richness of the world around us. It’s believed that malachite cleanses away old or negative energy and brings beneficial transformation to the wearer. For many it also works as a purifier, unblocking the chakras and opening the wearer to new and more positive flows of energy.

As a healing stone, a force of purification or simply as a reflection of the beauty which comes from the Earth, malachite brings a sense of well-being and joy to the wearer. This belief that the old can be made new and the weary can be refreshed explains why many choose malachite to adorn themselves with. After thousands of years, the adoration for this gemstone hasn’t paled. It’s likely that its beauty will continue to bring joy for many more years.