Making a Native American Medicine Bundle the 13 Moon Peace Way

The Native American medicine bundle is one of the many sacred tools that is created and used by the Indigenous American Indian Tribes. These tribes are not only in North America, but also in South America and the world over. Medicine bundles can be created for personal usage, or they can be used to bring healing and vision to a whole nation. They can also be created to be passed on to other members of one’s family or sacred lineage holders. What is placed in the medicine bundle, can be based on a myriad of things. Sometimes one will create a medicine bundle out of items that are personal and sacred to them. Medicine bundles can also be created out of items that resonate to a name or path that they have been given by the Creator or their individual lineage. Often times one will be shown via dreams or vision what type of bundle should be created. Many times one will also go into ceremony or be shown while in a ceremony, what needs to be created. This is a process that can take time, and is not rushed due to the sacredness of the process. It also takes time to find what is right or be provided with the items needed for the bundle. One also may give offerings of thanks such as tobacco or cornmeal for what was provided. Items should also be smudged with sacred white sage and/or sweet grass to cleanse any negative vibrations that they may have been exposed to. This is done before the items are placed within the medicine bundle.

Native American medicine bundle bags can be made from different materials. Some medicine bundle bags are made from animal hides. Others can be made from cloth, woven threads, or beads. They will also have a closure which can be a draw string or beads of some type. Medicine bundles once created also require special care after they are created. They should be kept in a quiet place. They also should be either hung and/or worn on the body. This can depend on what purpose the sacred bundle was created for. Medicine bundles also should be “fed” periodically to keep the energetics of the bundle at a good vibration. It is also a sign of gratitude for the healing energies and the power that the bundle lends to the individual, family, and/or tribe. The items should also be periodically removed from the bundle and smudged.

Recently, I made a particular bundle based on my name given to me by my ancestors via a vison. The name which was given to me was Rainbow Eagle Crystal Medicine Woman. This name was given to me after I had swallowed four eagle feathers in a vision. These eagle feathers represented the four directions. My bundle was also created to represent a vision and my work of restoring the thirteen moon system of peace back to the minds of the people. There are thirteen shells on a turtle’s back which correlates to the 13 moons. This is the way of peace to us and to the world. I also have had contact with Grand Mother Spider in many visions, so I made sure to honor her presence in my life. This medicine bundle is to be carried for many lineages amongst those who I am inspired to pass it on to.

The turtle way of thirteen moons is represented by the turtle imprinted on the deerskin bag used for this sacred bundle. The energy of the moons is also represented by the placing of the moonstone crystal within the bag. This is further energized by the clear quartz crystal, which is the master mineral of the stone peoples. The clear quartz also is a representative of the clarity of mind which happens when we become one with nature…one with 13 moons. The quartz, also mirrors the seven rays of the rainbow and is crystal and rainbow medicine. Aho! A turquoise crystal has also been added in honor of Grand Mother Spider. A feather to represent Eagle medicine has also been added amongst other things to this sacred bundle. I thank the Star Nations for the energetics they have lended to me during this process. Thank you Star Nations, we are one! Aho! In love and service!

May you be inspired to create your own medicine bundle for nation, tribe, family, and individual healing!