Let t.skies fill your resolutions

Most of us enter a new year with at least some resolutions: we’re going to get healthy, learn something new or simply leave behind an old habit. It’s important to challenge ourselves with ideas and activities that are different from our usual ones. One of the best ways to open yourself to opportunities is to connect with art.

At Turquoise Skies we consider it our mission to preserve and protect Native American art. And we want to share that mission with you. Through our social media posts, you can learn about the techniques used in the creation of our jewelry or explore vintage pieces that show the way styles have remained the same, and how they’ve changed. We also have videos that show you how our pieces are created. The information we offer will help you become an informed consumer, and an advocate for ethical treatment of Native artists.

You can also learn about Native culture and food. Other videos will introduce you to Native artists. Some make jewelry, but we also feature fashion designers and other artists.  Through our blog posts you can learn about subjects as diverse as the history of mining in New Mexico, the histories of the Pueblos, and the ins and outs of the jewelry industry.

This year we’ll be offering tour packages that allow participants to connect with an artist, create their own unique piece of jewelry and give them a behind the scenes look at Tskies. It’s the perfect way to learn something new and make some new friends.

If your resolution is a healthier you, we’ve got the perfect companion to your new style. Our artists create beauty with metal and stone. A beautiful heishi necklace or silver ring would add just the right touch to your new style.

Tskies has a lot to offer you this coming year, so we hope you connect with us through our social media or by visiting our gallery in Albuquerque. Let us help you fulfill your dreams for 2020.