Isaac Coriz Santo Domingo Pueblo Flute Player

Isaac Coriz is an artist from the Santo Domingo Pueblo. In this video Isaac shares with us a little background on his interest in playing the traditional flute.

Isaac Coriz:

The first showcases I had was for the Wheelwright Museum (Santa Fe, New Mexico), the owner and manager at the time, Rob Locus, would ask me to open. They would have showcases and private events such as a members only gala. He would say, come play for me and eventually just grew on to doing it.

No buddy taught me, no one sat me down and said, “look this is this key, this is that key”. I learned this all on my own through being interested. This one was the first to come to me (flute in his hand). Low and behold now I four others, which guide me. I would say they are guides because once you blow on it, its something totally different. It connects people, feelings and places. If you are feeling down it tends to bring you up, if you are feeling weak it tends to give you the medicine you need, or its just a good sound to have around you. It’s a good feeling. I feel blessed just for picking it up and learning how to play. Not many people can do that, it’s very hard. People this I have been playing for 20 year but I barely picked it up 4-5 years ago, max.

I went selling in Santa Fe and saw this flute in a shop. I said “how much you want for this flute?” Here goes Isaac bartering… I traded for my first flute, he took one of my pieces (jewelry) and I took this (flute in his hand). Eventually I gained a good friendship for the store that I got this flute from and I acquired 2 more from him. Good friend, he’s gone now.

Ok here we go. (begins playing)