Fun Summer Coolers!

Fun Summer Coolers!

All of us look forward to relaxing in the summertime, and to having fun with good friends, good food and stress-free entertainment. Even weeks in quarantine haven’t dulled our desire to get out and enjoy this season like we always do. Summer may come with masks and social distancing this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also have fun. And staying hydrated is important to enjoying all that fun.

Drinking water is the best way to keep yourself hydrated in the hot sun, but sometimes we long for something a little more exciting than H2O. Thankfully there are plenty of cool refreshing drinks that will not only give you the liquid your body needs, but with the right ingredients, can actually help you be a bit healthier.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the alcoholic variety of beverages is that, though they may be a fun addition to a gathering, they may be a better choice when the sun goes down. Alcoholic drinks won’t help you stay hydrated in the heat. As a matter of fact, they will do the opposite and cause you to become dehydrated if you aren’t careful. Alcohol acts as a diuretic, removing important electrolytes from your body. Rather than allowing your body to respond to the signal it sends that you’re becoming dehydrated, alcoholic drinks cause your body to ignore that warning. That can mean your party may end on a not so pleasant note.

This doesn’t mean is you have to forego your favorite sangria or other alcoholic beverage. Non-alcoholic coolers can have the same pleasant flavors and provide stress-relieving hydration at the same time. Packed full of berries and fruit for the antioxidants, non-alcoholic summer coolers can be the perfect choice day or night. 

There are also easy to make smoothies and vitamin waters that provide a refreshing start to your morning or a healthy pick-me-up for the afternoon. You can find recipes for some great refreshers below. No matter which you choose, we’re wishing you lots of cool summer fun.

Lavender Lemonade:

This super simple recipe is made to order. Heat one part lemon juice with two tablespoons of lavender buds. Add sugar to taste, then add ten parts water. Serve over ice.

Very Berry Vitamin Water:

Pack your favorite berries into a jar. Give them a little smush so they start releasing their juice. Then fill the jar with water and put in the refrigerator overnight. If you want to add a little kick, you can chop up a couple of cucumber slices and add to the water.