From Two Worlds: The Birth of Azteca

From Two Worlds: The Birth of Azteca

A town where history whispers from every corner, where the past blends seamlessly with the present. That's the place I grew up – Aztec, New Mexico located in the four corners just on the edge of the Navajo Nation. Aztec is named after the ancient indigenous ruins the town was built around. Despite its name, it was actually home to the Anasazi people.  The town became the muse for my jewelry line. I would wake up to the triangular snow covered mountains in the distance. It was in this enchanting setting that the idea for Azteca jewelry began to take shape.

The heart of the Azteca collection is the triangular design. Triangles hold deep symbolism in cultures worldwide—in Aztec culture, mountains held immense significance, often paralleled by the towering grandeur of their temples. Aztec temples, like mountains, symbolized strength and stability. 

The name "Azteca" isn't merely a geographical reference. It is also a nod to my family's ties with the Aztec people, creating a bridge between my upbringing and my ancestral heritage.

As we launch this jewelry line, I would like to pay homage to my grandmother Adelaide and to all grandmothers who bring an enduring and unwavering love into the lives of their grandchildren. Their love, like the mountains, stands strong, providing stability and a sense of belonging that shapes our lives in remarkable ways.

Mountains of Love: Grandma Adelaide

Close your eyes and think of your fondest childhood memories. For me, that's my grandmother, Adelaide Speck, who held a special place in the kitchen. A blend of Spanish, Azteca Mestizo, and Yaqui heritage, she embodied the beautiful diversity that makes us unique. When I think of her, I'm instantly transported to her kitchen – a place where she wasn't just a cook, but an artist crafting culinary masterpieces. Much like the way mountains withstand the test of time, her cooking was a testament to enduring traditions and the power of a loving touch. 

Outside of tamale season (when she would make mountains of tamales) she was a make-to-order chef, ready to whip up your favorite dish with love and a sprinkle of tradition. As her first grandchild, I was showered with affection that resonated like the steadfast strength of a mountain. She lovingly called me "Tamale". Why? Well, when I was born, I was tiny, and she wrapped up with love in a blanket like a snug little bundle, just like those delicious tamales she made. 

Jewelry Born from Grandma Strength

Beyond their geometric beauty, triangles carry layers of meaning. In Southwest culture, they hold a profound connection to mountains, those majestic natural formations that rise proudly towards the sky.

Grandmas, much like the unwavering presence of mountains, embody a sense of steadfast stability in our lives. They are the rock upon which our foundations are built, providing a reliable anchor through life's storms. Just as mountains stand tall against the elements, grandmas offer us their enduring love and wisdom, weathering the trials of time with grace. Just as the Aztec temples stood firm, offering a link to the spiritual realm, grandmas stand as pillars of strength, imparting invaluable life lessons and shaping our values.

When you wear the new T.Skies Azteca jewelry, you're carrying more than just adornment; you're wearing a piece of your heritage. Each necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings holds the strength, and wisdom of the loved ones from your past.