Embracing Community

Embracing Community

Autumn is here, and soon the smell of roasting chile will suffuse the New Mexico air. After long days of quarantine, the scent will be a nice reminder that the natural world is still there for us. As we begin to emerge and interact with the world at large once again, it’s important to keep in mind that fall is harvest time. Harvest time has a long tradition of being a time where communities gathered and celebrated the hard work they put into their fields. 

Today, our “fields” are often different than in years past, yet the work we provide our communities is still as rich as ever. The people we engage with, the jobs we perform, and the support we give to those less fortunate are ways we share the goodness of life itself. Much as the scent of roasting chiles does, those small kindnesses give everyone around us a reason to hope and make a feel part of a whole.

Hope becomes tangible when it is expressed through action. Supporting local businesses as they struggle through this strange and often discouraging time is one way to build hope for the future. Cities have many threads in them, but the backbone of each one is how its members show their concern and encouragement for those around them. As 2020 begins to wind down, we all have the opportunity to lift up our communities and their people in this trying time. 

Your support has meant a great deal to TSkies and to the artists who depend on it to showcase their work. In the coming months, we hope to give all of you more ways to show your love for the arts and for Albuquerque through our new gallery space. 

Watch out for the grand opening announcement soon!