Coral Meaning & Spiritual Properties

Stones hold a deep fascination for most people. They bring color, shape and texture to our eyes and enchant us with the mystery of the places they are formed in. The choice of a particular gemstone to use in handcrafted jewelry often comes from that connection the artist sees when they look at it and the connection the wearer makes to the feelings the stone evokes when they adorn themselves with it. One stone that draws the attention and desire of many is coral.

Coral can be found in a variety of colors, including brown, blue and black. But it is the rich red hue that is the most popular, relating it to the blood of life, the beating of a heart and the rich warmth of the sun. The connections made to the stone throughout human history reveal how deeply its color and mystery attracted those who saw it.

Coral’s Spiritual Meaning

Some believe wearing coral will restore peace and tranquility to the wearer’s heart or help them draw love into their lives. For those looking to make changes to their lives, the stone is believed to aid the wearer in releasing the past and turning toward new ways.

Due to its red brilliance, the stone is also believed by some to aid the body’s circulatory system, cleansing the blood as it flows through the person wearing it. Its presence is believed to stimulate and nourish blood cells and the bones.

Where is Coral found?

Though it is most often thought of today as a stone, one of the most fascinating aspects to coral is the way it is made. First thought to be a plant, coral gained the nickname “garden of the sea”.  Later information revealed it to be what is known as an organic gemstone. Coral is built through the life processes of tiny animals known as coral polyps. These polyps are soft-bodied and thus build hard shells for protection. The shells become the formation we call coral reefs. Reefs grow slowly yet can grow quite large, branching off to create the huge formations.

Due to this process, coral is an organic formation and not as hard as many other gemstones. Yet its rich beauty and mystery makes it a popular choice for jewelers and for those who purchase their pieces.