Bryanna Aguilar

Bryanna Aguilar

For Bryanna Aguilar, “there’s just something about making wearable art.” The lure of creating beautiful pieces of jewelry led her to the CNM Bench Jewelry program and she’s thoroughly enjoying the classes. With her internship at Tskies, she hopes to learn more and grow her skills.

Bryanna’s always been interested in designing and creating art. She pursued a degree in fine arts in the beginning, before deciding her interests lay in sculpture. To hone the skills she needed for that, she took a welding class. Out of curiosity she also enrolled in a jewelry class. There she combined her love of sculpture with the techniques of jewelry-making to craft wearable art.

Through her classes at CNM, Bryanna learned of the Tskies internship and so she applied for it. Her hope is that the practical skills and experience will help her grow as an artist. One area her time at Tskies helps is gaining more experience with the tools of the trade. She includes her own hands in those tools, as she understands that learning to hold her hands steady while performing tasks such as grinding is important to the finished piece. 

The internship has been a great experience for her, she says. The other artists have helped her grow her skills and learn more about creating art. She doesn’t yet have a specific plan in mind as to where she wants to go with what she’s learning. For now, Bryanna’s simply enjoying the journey that Tskies helped her take.

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