A Journey of Passion and Growth: T.Skies' Interns

A Journey of Passion and Growth: T.Skies' Interns

This year, T.Skies welcomed three interns into their creative realm. Maya, Jewel, and Dylan embarked on a profound journey of discovery, mentorship, and artistic growth. Guided by our experienced artisans, they delved into the world of jewelry making, exploring their individual styles and honing their craft. As the internship drew to a close, each of the interns would embody their unique experiences, aspirations, and artistic voices to create a unique design of their own. 

Maya's Unconventional Expression 

Maya, a native of Albuquerque, discovered her passion for metalsmithing a year prior to her T.Skies internship. Immersed in the studio, she found solace in watching her ideas materialize. Maya's artistic style defied conventions, as she fearlessly embraced her individuality. Her creations were deeply rooted in personal experiences and memories, giving each piece a profound meaning. The ring she designed for the small batch collection was a reflection of her time interning at T.Skies, combined with her love for New Mexico. Overcoming challenges, Maya poured her heart into creating a design that spoke to her artistic growth and the essence of her journey.

Jewel's Call to Artistry
For Jewel, a twenty-year-old jewelry student in the final stages of completing the CNM Jewelry program, art had always been a source of fulfillment. Dance, drawing, painting, and music had all held her attention, but it was the sculptural possibilities of metal that captured her heart. Inspired by her mother's own artistic pursuits, Jewel realized that jewelry-making allowed her to transform industrial materials into wearable representations of emotions, ideas, and connections. Unlike her frustrations with other art forms, the jewelry-making process brought her joy and a true sense of accomplishment. With the small batch collection, Jewel poured her passion into a piece that embodied her artistic calling.

Dylan's Path of Healing and Purpose
Dylan, a native New Mexican, discovered the transformative power of jewelry making after a life-altering experience. In the aftermath of a non-completed suicide attempt, he decided to pursue bench jewelry courses, spurred on by the encouragement of his therapist. As he delved into the craft, Dylan found purpose and a renewed sense of self. Photography, graphite, charcoal, wood, wax, and metal became his chosen mediums, with a particular focus on metalsmithing. In the small pendant he designed for the collection, Dylan combined elements from his earlier work to create a simple yet elegant piece. Overcoming challenges along the way, he poured his heart into the creation, infusing it with his journey of healing and hope.

The Collaboration and Collective Impact
As the three interns culminated their time at T.Skies, their paths converged in a collaborative endeavor. Combining their unique styles, experiences, and aspirations, they embarked on the creation of the small batch collection. The collection became a testament to their individual growth and the power of their collective impact. Each design carried a piece of their hearts and represented their artistic journeys. Maya's unconventionality, Jewel's sense of fulfillment, and Dylan's resilience merged harmoniously, resulting in a collection that celebrated their united artistic spirits.

The small batch items created by Maya, Jewel, and Dylan are a testament to their unwavering passion, remarkable growth, and unwavering dedication. These talented interns have poured their hearts and souls into crafting designs that embody their unique journeys. As we eagerly anticipate the launch of their exceptional pieces, we are reminded of the transformative power of art and the resilience of the human spirit. T.Skies is honored to have been a part of their artistic development, and we are excited to share their remarkable creations with the world. Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil their heartfelt designs, a celebration of individuality, collaboration, and the enduring power of artistic expression.