Unveiling the Mystique of Black Onyx
The use of gemstones in jewelry goes far back in human history. People both ancient and modern find beauty in these creations of the earth. One such stone, long valued for both its naturally rich colors and varied patterns and its deep spiritual connections to the earth, is onyx. Onyx forms in caves from mineral […]
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T.Skies KITA Scholarship Recipients
We are thrilled to announce that our 2024 KITA Scholarship Recipients have been selected! KITA scholarships are designed to cover costs that other programs often do not, from transportation costs to living expenses to the purchase of tools and textbooks. Applicants...
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Christmas in New Mexico
Written by Ungelbah Davila There is no time more idyllic in New Mexico than during the Holidays. This year we are having an exceptionally weathered season with much coveted rain and snow. In our home base of Albuquerque, we are...
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