We are excited to share our top 3 best sellers of 2022!

T.skies has a stunning collection of contemporary and southwestern jewelry designs. While every jewelry piece of art by itself, some have become customer favorites. These pieces are some of the most popular in our collection, and we know they will steal your hearts too, that is if they didn't already.


1 - Spirit: Trinity & Infinity Rings – These gorgeous rings are the most famous piece in our collections. These handcrafted beauties are anything but basic—but completely essential. As always, handcrafted with high-quality materials and have been our most popular items since they were released.








2 - Stamp Dancer: Carpenter Cuff Bracelet – Another favorite among customers is a bracelet that is sure to catch everyone’s eye with its intricate yet elegant design. This hand-stamped silver cuff bracelet is handcrafted by our local artisans and displays a design that's as unique as you are.






3 - SkyWeaver: Silver Stackable Rings – Finally, we have our most popular set which has become a staple among our customers who love its simple yet elegant design plus the fact that it goes well with any outfit! Each silver stacking ring can be worn on its own, paired with other rings, or completed as a set.





In the era of mass production, dare to be ethical. 
From design to production. Material to the final product. Every detail in our collections is thought out and executed ethically and locally. Our best-selling continues at our website and is filled with breathtaking pieces that will surely be your next guilt-free staple.