The Zuni Tribe

The Zuni TribeThe Zuni tribe is situated about 30 miles south of Gallup, New Mexico.  The area is a stunning red-sanded desert. Archaeological evidence proves the tribe has been living in this area for close to 1,300 years. It is speculated that the Zuni tribe are direct descendants of the Ancient Pueblo People. In 1680, a Pueblo revolt took place against the Spanish who tried forcing their beliefs and traditional culture upon the Zuni and other tribes.

Prior to the Pueblo revolt in 1680, the Zuni Tribe had six villages. After the revolt, the people took temporary refuge on top of a mesa known as Dowa Yalanne, a mesa southeast of their present location. After peace was reached with the Spanish, the tribe relocated to the area that marks the current Zuni Pueblo. Today this group of traditional Native Americans welcomes all tourists but must follow certain guidelines and etiquette, which can be found by contacting the Zuni Department of Tourism.

Zuni Pueblo

zuni PuebloThe Zuni Pueblo is the largest of all New Mexico pueblos. The pueblo stretches over 700 square miles, which covers a large portion of McKinley County, NM. The Zuni population is mostly situated within the Pueblo or in a suburb known as Blackrock. The Zuni Pueblo is self-governed with their own courts, police, school system, and commercial base. The Pueblo itself is now surrounded by hand-built houses and a few allowed businesses.

Today the Zuni Pueblo is a well-organized community. The school district consists of three levels of public schools and some private schools. Although the Zuni Tribe has many technologically advanced machines and household appliances, tribal traditions are still a main priority and are continually practiced. Zuni tradition has great significance to the way the Zuni people live and practice religion. The Zuni Pueblo continues to produce fine traditional art in many ways, shapes, and forms.

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