The Women Behind T.Skies.

The month of March includes International Women’s Day and we here at Tskies have a wonderful group of women to celebrate. We’d like to introduce you to the women behind our brand and tell you a bit about what they do to make Tskies the amazing company it is. So let’s start with our artists.

First up is the woman who is the beating heart of Tskies, and one of the reasons for the existence of the Artist Co-Op. Janice Tenorio is a third generation heishi artist, the daughter of a Navajo mother and a father from Santo Domingo Pueblo, where she grew up and still lives. Tskies is the amazing company it is because Janice put her heart and soul into making it that way. Janice’s dream was to create a space where artists could sell their work and make a living at it. The Artist Co-Op is the fulfillment of that dream. Janice serves as Co-Op president. She also is the face people see through many of our social media posts. Janice hosts our Facebook Live programs and does videos for the website that showcase her traditional recipes from the Pueblo. 

Jessyca Ruth grew up in Benson, Arizona and attended the Tucson Gem show every year for fun. Little did she know at the time this would be her earliest introduction to being a stone artist. It wasn’t until her husband retired from the Air Force and found a job in Albuquerque that Jessyca went looking for something to satisfy the artist inside her. That search led her to purchase a lapidary set and learn how to grind stones down. Her budding stonework led her to connect with other artists on social media. Through one of those connections she learned about Tskies. Once there Jessyca realized she had found her community and she’s been helping the Artist Co-Op and the Tskies Gallery grow ever since. Jessyca is a regular on our Facebook Live programs and other videos.

Marion Lovato knows all about comebacks. A few years ago Marion suffered a stroke that left her feeling, as she puts it, “like I was gone, dead, like I was alive but not living.” Marion made healing a way of life after her stroke as she worked to regain her strength. And she went back to something she’d laid aside: making jewelry. It took time and effort but Marion not only regained her previous skills but has learned new ones through contact with the other artists. Regaining her art helped make her aware of the importance of a positive attitude. These days Marion’s positive attitude makes Tskies brighter with her presence.

You can check out the beautiful jewelry put out by these amazing women artists on our website at or by coming to our gallery located at 3700 Osuna Rd NE Suite 505. And you can get to know them better through our social media so follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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